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How lovely Are Gloria Vanderbilt Plus Size Jeans?

If you’re a plus size girl like me finding jeans that make you both feel and look great can sometimes be an exercise in frustration. While I’m currently losing sizes left right and center on thanks to my discovery of the life-changing Keto Diet I’m still not exactly a size 6. But who is these days, seriously? I’m currently on a journey to look as good as I can and I’ve been trying on plus sized Gloria Vanderbilt jeans like the dickens. Thankfully they are so reasonably priced that I’ve purchased 7 pairs in the past 6 months alone. Here are a few of the observations I’ve made which I think you will find beneficial as well.

Try Before You Buy

Buying jeans online at outlets like Amazon can be appealing because you don’t need to leave the house.  However, there’s a couple issues I’ve discovered while doing this. First of all, it’s as addicting as heck!  I started browsing one day around 3pm. There I was sitting with my ipad on my couch and 4 hours passed by like I was playing slots with my ex-boyfriends credit card. I ended up missing my regular meal team and ordered in pizza because I was too tired to cook something. Let me just warn you. If you’re going to shop for clothes on Amazon make sure you set an alarm on your phone so you don’t lose track of time like I did! The other issue is of course that you can’t try on the clothes until you’ve already purchased them. I ended up buying 10 pairs of jeans but I only ended up loving 6 of them. Re-packaging and shipping them back was a real hassle. I’m never doing that again. Next time I’m going to go directly to Wallmart where you can find Gloria Vanderbilt Plus Size Jeans for a good price and best of all you can try them on before buying.

They Really Do Make You Look Thinner

The one thing I’ve really appreciated about these jeans is simple that they are designed in such a way that really accents my voluptuous curves while minimizing the appearance of my belly fat. They also have a very comfortable feel to them as they stretch well thanks to the materials they are made with. I would recommend their Amada line of jeans if you’re curious.

They Don’t Cost a Fortune

I’m not a wealthy person but I do like to look and feel great.  Back before Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans came back I was used to paying upwards of 80 dollars for a pair of jeans. Considering I’m typically gaining or losing weight it can get to be very expensive because I have to buy new clothes for new sizes I’m fitting into all the time. Currently, I’m on the downward direction in terms of waist length but I’ve got nearly no clothes that fit. Thankfully, these jeans rarely set me back more than $30 dollars.  The price is a definite plus. Make sure you shop around from store to store. I’ve found that many different outlets have the exact same pair of jeans but the price on them can range by 20% depending on which store has a sale going on at the time. Do your due diligence and you’ll end up getting more jeans for less money in the end. Please somebody remind me to save all my old clothes the next time I start gaining weight.

My life has truly improved since Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans have come back and I hope that yours has too!  Ok well maybe I have a tendency of being a tad over dramatic but I’m just so passionate about the way these jeans make me both look and feel!