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How and Why Jeans for Tall Women are Different

A good height is indeed a woman’s biggest asset. However, at times it can prove to be a bane; especially when you have to restrict yourself to certain clothes. Finding the right pair of jeans for tall women is a herculean task. Jeans with right fit that snuggle to your body are indeed a treasure, especially when you are tall. It is difficult to find the right kind of jean for a tall woman because most styles do not have a long inseam.

Jeans for tall women differ in the inseam length. Inseam is the number listed in inches and it tells the length of that particular pant. While most styles stick to 34 inch inseam length, some jeans have an inseam length of thirty seven inches. The 37 inch jeans are ideal for women who are 6 feet tall or taller. Jeans with a high inseam length are perfect for women with long legs. They fit perfectly and you can flaunt your long legs. The thirty five inch inseam jeans are right for women who are 5.8 feet to 6.0 feet tall, with slightly short legs.

When it comes to colour, jeans for tall women are mostly light coloured. You also have the choice of dark coloured jeans, but the light coloured ones are more common. This is because the light coloured jeans add more volume to the lower half of your body and it also boosts your height. Stick to the light coloured jeans if you have a flat body frame.

Most jeans for tall women have an ankle length hemline. The hem on this pair of jeans stops right around the ankle or half an inch below the ankle. Many tall women prefer this kind of a hemline. Jeans with a tapered bottom are right for tall women. Many models of jeans manufactured for tall women have tapered ends. Jeans with tapered ends
are tight at the ankles and therefore accentuate your curves. Tapered jeans are perfect for women who are tall and slim.

Skinny jeans are also perfect for women with a tall frame. This type of jeans comes with an inseam of upto 38 inches. This is apt for really tall women. Skinny jeans are tight around the legs. If you have long legs, they are the right pair for you as they highlight your limbs. This kind of jeans can complement the curves in your feminine body.

When a tall woman is looking for the right pair of jeans, she should focus on the waist of the pant. A pant that rests a few inches below your hip can make your torso look longer than your legs. Hipsters can make your body look unproportional. Jeans that rest right around your waist or a few inches below it can make you look proportional. Most jeans made for tall women rest on the waist or a little below it.

Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans are an answer to the difficulties taller women face in finding the perfect fit jeans. Flip through the collections and find the right style that is relevant to you and suits you best.