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A Complete guide to Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans

Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans have long been a symbol of high fashion. Gloria Vanderbilt, a wealthy heiress, actress, artist and writer was one of the pioneers of designer jeans. Gloria Vanderbilt made time in her busy socialite schedule to design one of the most influential lines of jeans. The glamorous and tumultuous life of Gloria Vanderbilt made the success of her designer line of jeans possible. Her life as a socialite growing up in New York City played a big role in her fashion design influence. Her jeans have always been on the cutting edge of high fashion.

Gloria Laura Vanderbilt began designing jeans in the early 1970s. Vanderbilt, the heiress and artist devoted her talents to designing beautiful jeans. These jeans were originally tighter fitting than other jeans on the market. Women love Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans as much today as they did when they were first introduced into the market. They were incredibly desirable for those looking for the absolute best pair of fashionable jeans. High fashion and jeans were finally coming together in the 70s. Gloria Vanderbilt remains a huge name in the world of fashion and designer jeans.

Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans are of incredibly high quality. The denim used is made of a superior quality cotton blend. The stitching on Gloria Vanderbilt jeans is always a beautiful detail to complement the fabric. These designer jeans are well made, and they hold up to wear. They are machine washable and designed to last. Stretchy denim is available in a variety of styles. Gloria Vanderbilt jeans have traditionally been known for using only the best fabrics. These gorgeous jeans can last a lifetime.

There are all different types of styles available. There is a pair of Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans to fit nearly every body shape. For those looking for a retro look, the classic design is a fantastic choice. More current boot cut and skinny versions are available as well. The tapered leg jean makes a timeless statement when paired with any nice blouse. These jeans come in a variety of colors to add diversity to any wardrobe. From crisp white to midnight blue, the wardrobe options are endless. Styles are available in different lengths to accommodate different heights and body shapes.

Fans of the “Hepburn” look will love the timeless Amanda line. The Amanda line comes in many different lengths and colors. These midrise jeans will slim any tummy and give the perfect silhouette. Embellished pockets have been a staple of Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans for years. The Gabby line has a gorgeous pair of embellished boot cut jeans in a dark blue wash. The Marilyn jeans slims as they accentuate natural curves. A good fit is one of the most important elements to an amazing pair of jeans. Finding the perfect style for one’s body shape leads to tons of shopping options.

Gloria Vanderbilt remains a top name in designer jeans fashions. Gloria Vanderbilt’s uncanny ability to design jeans for women is everlasting. These jeans have been able to evolve with changing trends and styles to stay current. Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans are just as beautiful today as they were 40 years ago. Styles have changed to meet the current market demands. There are still classic designs available for those wanting a more traditional look. There is a pair of Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans for everybody.